Since the dawning of the automobile industry  we have relied on our cars and trucks to do what they have been designed to do, transport us. We name our vehicles because they are more than just a means of transportation, they are an extension of who we are (personality). We talk to them, eat and sleep in them, take pictures of them and embellish them with unique features, and even the slightest scratch on them will get our immediate attention.  The affection we display for our cars is evident when they come to the end of the road and no longer can perform.  We say good-bye to a cherished old friend while reminiscing over the first ride, the long road trips, and many wonderful adventures we have had together.

Like a phoenix emerging out of a rumble of forsaken auto parts, the viable  OEM seats deserve a second chance according to Ernest B. McClenney.  Ernest, a retired Chrysler production control analyst, a Vietnam Navy Veteran and a Coast Guard auxiliary volunteer, refused to let all the hard work and specific engineering details that went into making these auto seats be destroyed.  He was inspired to use his creative abilities to design one of a kind pieces of automotive art which gave a “new meaning to automotive seating.” Re-Seatables, LLC. is a new and innovative approach to utilizing automotive seats and re-purposing them into functional artwork. Re-Seatables are car seats from Ford, GM, Chrysler and Foreign Car Manufacturers which are changed from their former purpose as passenger and driver seats to recliners, love seats and sofas. They are structured to maximize the usage of recycled material (Green Company), while minimizing the cost to produce. These unique pieces of art are embellished with special features such as: blue-tooth speakers, cell phone chargers, cup holders, mood lighting, and cell phone holders. All original Re-Seatables are stamped and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, they also make a great conversational piece because they are comfortable, durable, unique, one-of-a-kind and pieces of collectible art. TGBTG


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